Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a Police Officer for the last 17 years wearing 26lbs on my waist every day 40 plus hours a week and being a former Airborne Ranger jumping out of the Airplanes I thought I was still in great shape.
Ryan taught me the truth about my body. My spine to the base of my neck was misaligned from all the impacts in my life. Fenn Chiropractic taught me how to be healthy on the inside as much as I am on the outside.

My whole family goes to Fenn Chiropractic now from children Timmy and Shalyn since the day they were born to my beautiful wife Lynn we all reap the benefits of better health and wellness thanks to Fenn Chiropractic."
- Sean Wyman

"Amazing!!! I've been in pain for 3 years and after just a few adjustments, it's almost completely gone. I'm a nurse, I've been to other chiropractors but this Doctor is legit. Go see for yourself."
- Tiffany King

"10+ years...the one doc I won't not see!!! Highly recommend!"
- April Banta

"The full package. Not just a temporary adjustment or quick fix. A life change to live a healthy happier life."
- Lindsey Poole Honeyman

"Dr. Fenn has been my chiropractor for almost 4 years now and my life has been forever changed. The body was created to heal itself and Dr. Fenn helps it do that. As a dancer and a runner, my health is extremely important to me. Dr. Fenn cares about my wellness as a whole, not just chiropractic care. I've seen people come here when their health is rock bottom and they completely turn it around - reversing cancer, going from almost having to amputate a leg due to diabetes to taking salsa lessons instead, coming off multiple medications, and more. Everyone should come get checked at Fenn Chiropractic!"
- Amy Nieves

"I can't say enough about my family's experience with dr. fenn!! our weekly chiropractic care has noticeably impacted our lives - from quicker healing when sick, sleeping better, more energy, to athletic ailments reversed!! his vibrant zest for health is contagious & offers community support in many different ways:) just meet him, you'll be ready to make a LIFE CHANGE!!"
- MacKenzie Strickland Fraser

"Doc Fenn's knowledge & expertise is amazing, his office staff are professional & so helpful, anyone in the practice will be there for you ! Maximized Living is the best thing for me & many others if they make it a priority!"
- Cheryl Blom

"Dr. Fenn is amazing at what he does. Since I started going to him I can lift more weight. The strain I put on my body powerlifting and going to be starting Olympic lifting this is what I need. Plus being someone who doesn't believe in pharmaceuticals Dr. Fenn has really helped me, with understanding how this is going to truly heal my body. Food, exercise, and Dr. Fenn I'm going to hit all my goals I set for myself. Thank you Dr. Fenn and the Fenn Chiropractic team."
- Christopher Toplansky


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